Langjiu HongHua Lang 10

Sichuan Gulin Langjiu is a really big distiller in China: they’re a top ten baijiu brand by market cap, and they are a big cultural presence. Famously, their baijiu is stored in the large Tianbao cave system. They’re in Sichuan Province (of course), home of the strong aroma category. But this baijiu – the HongHua […]

heng shui lao bai gan baijiu

Heng Shui Laobaigan

This baijiu – I don’t really know which aroma category this belongs to, but it seems like a light aroma – is the bottom-shelf version of a well-known brand. The higher-end products win big spirit awards, so they’re probably better. It’s made in Hebei province in the north of China, and uses wheat qu. This […]

Vinn Family Reserve

Vinn Family Reserve is (correct us if we’re wrong here, Vinn!) the same baijiu as Vinn, but proofed down to a higher octane and aged for three years. It’s also delicious! The nutty brown rice flavor comes through just as clearly. It’s surprising how a version at a higher-alcohol mix can still deliver the same […]

Jiangxiaobai Joyouth

JOYOUTH from Xianglaobai is a light-aroma baijiu, and one of the most prominent that’s targeting younger drinkers. The founder Tao Shiquan is on a mission to get baijiu into the hands – and glasses, and cocktails – of China’s millennial. Their baijiu is in very non-traditional bottle designs, and they do a lot of event […]

Jiangxiaobai Mojito

Another contribution from the mixology team at Jiangxiaobai – a baijiu mojito! 1.5oz baijiu (they recommend JOYOUTH, of course) .75oz simple syrup juice of 1 lime 15 mint leaves 2oz soda water Serve over crushed ice, garnish with mint.

Vinn Baijiu

Vinn is – so far* – the only all-American Baijiu on the market. Made by the Ly family outside Portland OR, it’s reportedly a family recipe that goes back seven generations. The Ly family are of Chinese descent, but lived in Vietnam for generations, and have been in the US for forty years. Seven generations […]

Chongqing Mule

It’s a mule, but with baijiu. This one features Jiangxiaobai’s JOYOUTH, which is making inroads in the west. 1.5 oz JOYOUTH baijiu 5 oz ginger ale squeeze of lime juice Glassware:  Copper mule mug. Garnish:  Lime wedge and Mint