France 44

Gourmet food and wine, carries local Ganbei baijiu.

Hong Kong Market

Peyton writes in: I found 4 different brands of Baijiu (some produced by Luzhou Laojiao distillery) at the Hong Kong Market grocery in the westbank suburbs of New Orleans (technically Gretna, LA). They have a growing liquor selection, including many imported Asian spirits you just don’t find in traditional liquor stores in town. Worth seeking […]

99 Ranch

If you’re looking for baijiu in San Diego, you should be hunting in the Clairemont area. 99 Ranch is an Asian grocery chain and will have a reliably wide selection.

Asian Market

Nice, big asian market in the Heritage Plaza shopping center.  Baijiu is not in a special liquor section but in the main aisles toward the middle of the store.

Seafood City

Large, nice asian supermarket with a few more than the usual suspects in Midwest baijiu.  Located in the left front corner, as you enter the store.

Olive Supermarket

Mid-market supermarket with a good selection of baijius and surprisingly, laojiu as well!  Baijiu is around the right-hand corner from the main entrance, with the other liquor.