What kind of glasses do you use for baijiu?

Wondering how to serve baijiu? If you want to know how you’re supposed to serve this unique spirit, you’re not alone.

Baijiu is traditionally served in tiny shot glasses, shaped like small wine glasses. They run about 1/3 of an ounce, (or 11mL), so each pour is around a quarter of a traditional shot. You can sometimes buy them in the housewares section of Asian supermarkets, but you can also find them on Amazon as well; a set of six runs around ten bucks.

Traditionally, you first fill a small carafe – a little bigger than a creamer pitcher – and leave that on the table, and then pour your toasts from the carafe to the tiny glasses.

Higher-end baijiu will have a pouring spout that helps target the tiny glasses, but bottom-medium shelf product won’t. Good luck pouring!

The glasses really are tiny: here’s a look in proportion to hands:

Baijiu Glasses being toasted

That’s why feasts involving baijiu have a lot of toasts. The drinks are small… but baijiu is mighty.


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