Red Star Baijiu Erguotou Shorty

Red Star – shorty erguotou

Here we have a special bottling of Red Star Erguotou, without much other context! If any baijiu fans have something to add, please fill us in! This is a milder, smoother, version of the typical Red Star, which we think is mostly attributable to its slightly lower alcohol content. This bottle comes in at 50%, […]

production tour - jiannanchun

How baijiu is made

Baijiu is becoming more popular in the west, but its production can be a mystery. It’s a complex drink that may take time for your palette to get used to, especially as it usually contains around 50% alcohol. Despite this, if you can learn to appreciate and adjust to its distinct, strong flavor, you’ll be […]

Many types of baijiu

Get to know the 4 main types of baijiu

Baijiu is atraditional Chinese spirit that has been loved by many people in China for hundreds of years. As Baijiu is breaking into worldwide markets you may have started to develop a curiosity for this popular clear spirit. Before you decide on your ultimate Baijiu of choice we recommend you understand and then test out […]

5 Things You Should Know Before You Mix Your First Baijiu Cocktails

To escape the old-school impression of Baijiu, many brands are reinventing the spirit with baijiu cocktails. Encouraging younger generations and those outside of China to mix simple Baijiu cocktails, to inspire them to fall in love with this traditional Chinese spirit. Despite being the most consumed spirit on the planet, Baijiu struggled to break into […]

Bainiang Xiqing Bajiu

Billed as ‘Century Happiness’, this baijiu has a melon-like, horsey profile – still fairly rough but an interesting profile. On a first tasting it comes off as fairly… unremarkable? It’s OK, it’s got a solid baiijiu strong-aroma set of attributes. Barnyard-like on the nose. Sweet and syrupy at the finish (with a bit of maple, […]

Tiensin Dragon Baijiu

Tiensin Dragon is a pretty low-shelf kaoliang baijiu. It’s fairly rough with a hot alcohol burn – but has some interesting flavor notes. You can find it for ~$15 for 750mL, so you know it’s a budget buy. It’s a kaoliang, which is roughly equivalent to the light aroma category. You might want to compare […]

Yantai Guniang 'choiceless'

Yantai Guniang ‘choiceless’

This baijiu – an affordable, low-alcohol choice at 32% – is from Shandong Province in the north of China, and has a really interesting combination of aroma and taste.

Lost Plate Baijiu Cocktail Kit

Lost Plate Baijiu Cocktail Kit

If you’re just warming up to baijiu, or if you’re more experienced drinker but haven’t experienced the new wave of baijiu mixology – it can be a little difficult to know where to start with baijiu cocktails. There are a lot of recipes! How do you choose something to try out at your home bar? […]

Moutai Bu Lao Jiu

Moutai Bu Lao Jiu

It takes a special kind of guts to name your product ‘Eternal Youth’, but this Moutai edition gives it a good try. This is a blend of the classic Moutai profile – a sauce aroma that’s famous everywhere – with traditional Chinese herbs and fruits. There’s a very natural match of longan fruit (which is […]

Niu Lan Shan Chen Niang Baijiu

Niu Lan Shan Chen Niang Baijiu

A strong-aroma baijiu in a low-rent bottle (and for a low-rent price), this baijiu really punches above its weight. It’s got a clean, clear profile, with 50% sorghum and 50% wheat. Our panel found it to be very ‘tangy’, with notes of fermented mango and a fresh-grass finish. It’s great! It’s a mild approach to […]