Bainiang Xiqing Bajiu

Billed as ‘Century Happiness’, this baijiu has a melon-like, horsey profile – still fairly rough but an interesting profile.

On a first tasting it comes off as fairly… unremarkable? It’s OK, it’s got a solid baiijiu strong-aroma set of attributes. Barnyard-like on the nose. Sweet and syrupy at the finish (with a bit of maple, our panel thought). Perhaps a touch of caramel, although that was hotly debated at our tasting table!

The box copy insists that it’s made with barley, rice, glutinous rice, and Chinese sorghum (not that inferior US sorghum!) and ‘various kinds of technology.’

Tried it? Have you tried this one? Let us know and give it a score in the comments below!

Bainiang Xiqing Bajiu




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