Vinn Family Reserve

Vinn Family Reserve is (correct us if we’re wrong here, Vinn!) the same baijiu as Vinn, but proofed down to a higher octane and aged for three years. It’s also delicious! The nutty brown rice flavor comes through just as clearly. It’s surprising how a version at a higher-alcohol mix can still deliver the same […]

Vinn Baijiu

Vinn is – so far* – the only all-American Baijiu on the market. Made by the Ly family outside Portland OR, it’s reportedly a family recipe that goes back seven generations. The Ly family are of Chinese descent, but lived in Vietnam for generations, and have been in the US for forty years. Seven generations […]

Where are the Rice Aroma baijius?

You may notice that we talk about the big four categories of Baijiu: Light Aroma, Rice Aroma, Sauce Aroma, and Strong Aroma. But where are all the Rice Aroma baijius? At the time of writing, we don’t have any reviewed on the site yet [update: we now have two versions of Vinn, a mild rice […]