Where are the Rice Aroma baijius?

You may notice that we talk about the big four categories of Baijiu: Light Aroma, Rice Aroma, Sauce Aroma, and Strong Aroma. But where are all the Rice Aroma baijius?

At the time of writing, we don’t have any reviewed on the site yet [update: we now have two versions of Vinn, a mild rice aroma baijiu that is worth checking out!], and here’s why: Rice Aroma baijiu is really hard to find outside southern China! We’re a group that’s focused on the baijiu experience for westerners, focused on baijiu that’s available in North America. Yes, we could fly someone to Guilin to load up a case for us. Maybe one day we will! But in the meantime, we’re waiting to find it stateside.

SO: have you gotten your hands on a rice aroma Baijiu in the US? Have you found some elusive Guilin Sanhua Jiu? Let us know and send in a review, or sign up for an account and post it yourself.



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