What kind of glasses do you use for baijiu?

Wondering how to serve baijiu? If you want to know how you’re supposed to serve this unique spirit, you’re not alone. Baijiu is traditionally served in tiny shot glasses, shaped like small wine glasses. They run about 1/3 of an ounce, (or 11mL), so each pour is around a quarter of a traditional shot. You […]

World Baijiu Day 2019 – Tasting Event

Hey! We’re participating in World Baijiu Day – 8/9 – this year, and hosting a private tasting event. We’ll start with a cocktail, walk through the basics of baijiu, and sample something from each of the four categories. Contact us for location details if you’d like to join us in the Kansas City area!

Baijiu Deep Dive: Strong Aroma

Over at, Derek Sandhaus has a great deep dive in to Strong Aroma baijiu – what it is, how it’s made, and some closeups of those mysterious earthen pits. Read the article here!

Inside Moutai

The South China Morning Post is on a baijiu tear these days: today there’s an article ‘Inside Fortress Moutai‘.  Fascinating stuff! “Maotai can be produced only in Maotai town, where a very specific microclimate creates the perfect conditions for baijiu,” explains production manager Zhou Xianlun, speaking in one of the buildings where sorghum is fermented. “In […]

Baijiu University!

Baijiu University! Sichuan University / Jinjang College have started a program to train baijiu brewers and experts. There’s also a program at Sichuang University of Science and Engineering! Time to queue up that study abroad? Washington Post has the story: The state-funded Baijiu College in the misty Sichuan mountains teaches students how to craft its […]

Download the Baijiu Tasting Scorecard

So! You’re enjoying baijiu and you want to record your thoughts about it. Or you’re hosting a get-together with friends and want to introduce them to baijiu, and you want to help them really pay attention to the unique and surprising flavors they’ll experience. Or you’re just detail-oriented!  Well, here is the current working version […]