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How baijiu is made

Baijiu is becoming more popular in the west, but its production can be a mystery. It’s a complex drink that may take time for your palette to get used to, especially as it usually contains around 50% alcohol. Despite this, if you can learn to appreciate and adjust to its distinct, strong flavor, you’ll be […]

Many types of baijiu

Get to know the 4 main types of baijiu

Baijiu is atraditional Chinese spirit that has been loved by many people in China for hundreds of years. As Baijiu is breaking into worldwide markets you may have started to develop a curiosity for this popular clear spirit. Before you decide on your ultimate Baijiu of choice we recommend you understand and then test out […]

5 Things You Should Know Before You Mix Your First Baijiu Cocktails

To escape the old-school impression of Baijiu, many brands are reinventing the spirit with baijiu cocktails. Encouraging younger generations and those outside of China to mix simple Baijiu cocktails, to inspire them to fall in love with this traditional Chinese spirit. Despite being the most consumed spirit on the planet, Baijiu struggled to break into […]

Baijiu Glasses & Bottles

How to drink Baijiu – in China!

If you’re traveling to China and drinking with hosts, you’re going to run into baijiu. Here’s how to drink baijiu and what you need to know! Going to a new country to embrace a totally different culture of eating and drinking can be daunting – especially for novice drinkers. But whilst the Chinese are generally […]


What kind of glasses do you use for baijiu?

Wondering how to serve baijiu? If you want to know how you’re supposed to serve this unique spirit, you’re not alone. Baijiu is traditionally served in tiny shot glasses, shaped like small wine glasses. They run about 1/3 of an ounce, (or 11mL), so each pour is around a quarter of a traditional shot. You […]

World Baijiu Day 2019 – Tasting Event

Hey! We’re participating in World Baijiu Day – 8/9 – this year, and hosting a private tasting event. We’ll start with a cocktail, walk through the basics of baijiu, and sample something from each of the four categories. Contact us for location details if you’d like to join us in the Kansas City area!