Baijiu Collector alert: Christie’s Auction!

You know the west is really starting to pay attention to something when it hits Christie’s.  The auction house announced that they will host an auction of collectors bottles of Kewichow Moutai.  They expect the rarer bottles (from 1957 and 1958) to go for up to $40k USD. See the coverage at the Drinks Business.

Chinese liquor maker pays off bank with 900 tons of baijiu

Under pressure to pay back a multi-million yuan bank loan, a Chinese liquor maker reportedly cleared their debt with truckloads of cold, hard baijiu. But I wonder which baijiu-maker this was? There are reportedly more than 14,000 distilleries in China.  See the short article here.

Next Tasting Event: September 12

Our next tasting event is scheduled for September 12! We’ll cover an introduction to baijiu, covering how it’s made, where to find it, and intro to the four major aroma categories, and the some comparison of high and low-end baijiu.  We’ll have tasting notecards for you, and we’ll pair it with food. We might even […]

2-minute Baijiu Tour

This is a great 2-minute video tour of a baijiu operation:  Worth a minute to check it out! inside a very, very, very large baijiu factory — Goldthread (@Goldthread2) August 17, 2018

Jian Nan Chun tour

While nothing compares with visiting (and tasting, perhaps) a baijiu producer in person, Chengdu Food Tours has a great writeup and photo set visiting the Jian Nan Chun distillery.  You can just smell the hot steamy sorghum!

A $300,000USD bottle of Moutai!

A bottle of 80 year old Moutai, made by Kweichow Moutai in 1940, has been auctioned off in China for a record RMB 1.97 million (US$294,345), more than twice its estimated price, at a recent Moutai-themed auction that brought in close to RMB 85 million (US$12.5 million). See more at The Drinks Business.

Baijiu in the Grey Lady

The New York Times splashes a little baijiu here, to promote the new Ming River brand:

Baijiu, the World’s Most Popular Spirit You May Never Have Heard Of

Tammie Teclemarium writes in Wine Enthusiast – a beginner’s guide to Baijiu. Vodka, whiskey, gin, rum and Tequila? They have a long way to go in order to reach the popularity of baijiu, the most consumed spirit on Earth. But what’s the story behind this fascinating Chinese liquor, and will it soon be coming to […]