Tiensin Dragon Baijiu

Tiensin Dragon is a pretty low-shelf kaoliang baijiu. It’s fairly rough with a hot alcohol burn – but has some interesting flavor notes. You can find it for ~$15 for 750mL, so you know it’s a budget buy.

It’s a kaoliang, which is roughly equivalent to the light aroma category. You might want to compare it with erguotous like Red Star or Kinmen. But that would be a mistake! Those are decent baijius!

This one is very chemical, and your first nose is nearly all isopropyl – the alcohol here is very present. However, a small sip will evaporate on the tongue fairly pleasantly – you get some cheap cocoa, a tinge of Hersheys. There’s a hint of green apple candy at the finish!

Tiensin Dragon Baijiu




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