Yantai Guniang 'choiceless'

Yantai Guniang ‘choiceless’

This baijiu – an affordable, low-alcohol choice at 32% – has some significant market presence in South Korea! But you can find it here in the west as well. It’s based in Shandong, in the north of China, and has a really interesting combination of aroma and taste.

Our panel said:

“Extra chocolatey in the nose, but bitter like a dark cocoa. There’s a bit of asparagus there almost! A touch of cloves or anise at the finish, as you let it sublimate on the palate.”

“This smell is all butterscotch pudding! There’s a passionfruit-y brightness to the tang, and an almost metallic charge in the mouth.”

Buy it: We found this at Chinatown Food Market in Kansas City, but that’s the only place we’ve seen it so far. If you’ve seen it somewhere else, let us know!

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Yantai Guniang




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