Wuliangye Jinliufu

Apparently, the big brand Wuliangye – the heavyweightiest heavyweight next to Kweichow Moutai – spun off Jinliufu as a separate brand in China. But this bottle is cobranded – Wulianye on the front, Jinliufu on the side. Maybe an expert can set us straight here, but this is a mid-tier baijiu that packs a lot of good strong-aroma flavor. Delicious. Compare with Luzhou, but add a more prominent barnyard tang.

Buy it: This bottle came from China Place Liquor City in Chicago, which has a high-end selection. Where else can it be found? Feel free to contribute in the comments.

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Wuliangye Jinliufu






    (August 23, 2018 - 8:18 pm)



    This is good stuff, but the horsey smell is too much for me!

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