Gu Jing Shao / Old Well Liquor

Gu Jing – the name means ‘Ancient Well’ – is a 100-proof baijiu. For something so high-octane, it’s relatively mild; sweet on the front end, and goes down smoothly. There’s the usual bit of equine barnyard tang at the end, but it is partially subsumed by the almost burnt-bubblegum flavor.

The distillery draws its name – and its water – from a literal old well in Anhui province, While it doesn’t have the name recognition of Moutai or Red Star, Gujing is still a huge company, in the top twenty alcohol brands by global market cap.

Buy it: I found it at Asian Market in Omaha. Where else is Old Well carried? Feel free to contribute in the comments.

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Gujing Shao / Old Well Liquor




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