heng shui lao bai gan baijiu

Heng Shui Laobaigan

This baijiu – I don’t really know which aroma category this belongs to, but it seems like a light aroma – is the bottom-shelf version of a well-known brand. The higher-end products win big spirit awards, so they’re probably better. It’s made in Hebei province in the north of China, and uses wheat qu.

This bottle in particular, which retails for a bargain basement price of $10-15, is pretty foul. It is rrrrrough. There’s a chemical solvent tang that is pretty unpleasant, and the alcohol burn is really rough. This is the kind of baijiu that really earns those unpleasant comparisons given to baijiu: paint stripper, jet fuel, industrial solvent.

Hengshui Laobaigan




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