Huadu Beijing Erguotou

If you know Red Star, you’ll appreciate this Beijing Erguotou; you’ll immediately recognize a similar flavor profile, but a marked quality increase. It’s clearly an upgrade from the cheap-but-everywhere baijiu.

And there’s a reason for the similarity! Beijing was formed by former employees and executives at Red Star, creating a new company that could focus more on quality.  Erguotou is the style, Beijing is the brand here – although that might be confusing given how Red Star and other Erguotous are ubiquitous in Beijing the city!

But really, how does it taste? The nose is consistently nutty, with a nice toasted grain aroma that will put you in mind of beer-brewing. The sorghum comes out on the tongue – it’s notably sweet (like most sorghum based baijiu,), but with a sweet and tangy blackstrap molasses note. I’m a fan.

Buy it: This bottle was a gift – where is it found?

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Huadu Beijing Erguotou




Baijiu Review Author



    (August 22, 2018 - 5:21 pm)



    This is OK, but I really think that Red Star has a better flavor profile. Or maybe it’s just what I’m more used to…

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