Lian Zhou Gong Jiu “Dade”

Lian Zhou Gong Jiu has been in business since 1944 in Hebei, and they are just starting to export to the west.  In fact, the exporter kindly sent us a sample to review, but they didn’t yet have final bottle design samples – thus the mockup versions shown here.  The ‘Dade’ product (can this be translated as ‘Big Virtue’ – 大德?) is a milder entry in the ‘strong’ category – and it is a real winner.

The sorghum is sweet and clear here, but the balance of five other grain types adds a nice depth. It’s bottled at a mild 38%, so there’s a lot of room for more subtle flavors here. There’s a faint barnyard tang to the finish, but it’s very mild and retains a pretty soft mouthfeel.

This isn’t available in US retail locations yet – but should be in early 2019. Keep an eye out for it, and definitely try this if you can get your hands on it!

As a chaser, here’s a shot of a gate at the distillery:


Lian Zhou Gong Jiu "Dade"




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