Luzhou Laojiao Erqu Jui

This is a lower-end Luzhou Laojiao and it is still, in my opinion, great. It’s got the same well-balanced flavor profile that the pricier options from this baijiu-maker have. But the alchohol burn is more prominent, and the finish is pretty raw. Probably not the Luzhou to start with, unless your only comparison is Red Star.  But despite its flaws, the flavor is still top-notch.

Buy it: I found it at Asian Market in Omaha, which has a great selection of affordable brands. Where else can it be found? Feel free to contribute in the comments.

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Luzhou Laojiao Erqu Jui




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    (November 26, 2018 - 3:19 pm)



    It’s hard to believe a baijiu this cheap can be so delicious.

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