Luzhou Laojiao Te Chu Chiew

Te Chu Chiew (‘特曲’) is another delicious offering from Luzhou Laojiao, available in the US market. The marketing copy for this product always mentions its designation as ‘one of the four famous strong aroma liquors,’ which I don’t know exactly how to interpret. But this is a great example of the strong aroma baijiu category. It’s really smooth and balanced, while packing a big punch of flavor.

And it’s pretty affordable – running around $25 for a 500mL bottle. It’s in a big hologrammed box that’s impressive, and probably costs a pretty penny to produce itself.

One surprising flavor note in this tasting that we uncovered: there’s a bit of a mintiness to this. Can you also taste this? Leave your rating and review below!

Luzhou Laojiao Te Chu Chiew




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