Red Star Erguotou 8 Year

Red Star Ergoutou – 8 Year


[ed. note: this review comes in from brent1334 – thanks Brent! ]

This aged light-aroma baijiu pours clear, lest anyone think its aging was done in barrels. It has a nutty aroma with sweet-potato undertones. The pallet surprisingly comes across to me as a single flavor note: a sweet but mellow nuttiness similar to the nose. All fruity tanginess seems to be gone, as well as any hay-like or barnyard flavors. The aging gives it a lot less of a burn than regular Red Star, which makes it quite sippable for its strength. Value-wise: In my area, it’s about $5 more than regular Red Star, and $10 more than Beijing brand.

I found this at World Liquors in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s also listed online as available at Tower Beer, Wine, & Spirits in Doraville (which is in the greater Atlanta area)

Red Star Ergoutou - 8 Year




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