Snowbridge Layered Baijiu

Snowbridge – Layered Aroma

Snowbridge is a new baijiu brand ramping up here in the US. (Exciting!) They select and import baijiu from small producers in China, and bottled under the Snowbridge name. Their first available offering is this, ‘No. 5 Layered Aroma’, produced by Golden Valley Distillery in Luzhou, Sichuan.

Layered Aroma – 兼香 we learn – is a sub aroma category that blends strong and sauce aroma. Snowbridge has a Sauce and Light aroma editions planned for later this year. They nailed this branding too – look at this bottle!

But this layered edition is … delicious. Really, to our tasting this combines the flavor highlights of both strong and sauce aromas. It’s definitely strong-forward, with the fruity, earthy fire up front, and then a more restrained sauce tartness on last third. It’s a surprising combination, but so natural once you taste it that you’ll wonder why it’s not more common. Delightful.

Our recommendation: get your hands on this. We’ll update this post when we have more details about availability. In the meantime, if you see it around, grab it and then tell us where you found it!

Snowbridge Layered




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