Snowbridge No. 1

Snowbridge No. 1: Light Aroma (Green)

Snowbridge has two new editions available: we’re reviewing them both! Snowbridge selects and imports baijiu from small producers in China, and bottles them under the Snowbridge name. Their next available offering is this, ‘No. 6 Light Aroma’, produced by Donkey Creek Distillery in Jiangjin, Chongqing. The light aroma category as a whole has a lot of options available in the US market, but most of those are… not great. It’s cool to see Snowbridge bring a more upscale entry here. And as before, the bottle itself is just a lovely object.

So let’s taste it!

The nose is smooth and mild; there’s not much of the acrid alcohol tang that you get with cheap light aromas. (We’re looking at you, Red Star) The taste is very bright up front; very tart. Citrus-like, almost? It ends with a very clear dark cocoa finish. This is really interesting.

The official tasting notes instruct us to look for hints of dried stone fruit and green olives, lightly earthy. I can see it!

Overall: this is good! Try it if you can get your hands on it.


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