Snowbridge No. 6: Sauce

Snowbridge No. 4. Sauce Aroma (Blue)

Snowbridge has two new releases available: we’re reviewing them both! Snowbridge selects and imports baijiu from small producers in China, and bottles them under the Snowbridge name. Their next available offering is this, ‘No. 4 Sauce Aroma’, produced by Golden Valley Distillery in Luzhou, Sichuan. That’s the same source as their layered aroma, which we liked a lot.

Obviously the sauce aroma category is just dominated by Moutai, which sits at a real character-defining position. I think most people will approach a Sauce baijiu with Moutai in mind to compare with, for better or worse.

But let’s taste it already!

In the nose it’s surprisingly grain-y – there’s some wheat and barley smell there, with an undertone of damp wood. It’s not smoky, but it is very subtly outdoorsy-smelling. The taste is pleasantly grassy – in fact that’s the main note I enjoyed, but there’s a nuttiness and a high citrus finish to it. It’s still a very grounded mix, subtle and at ease with itself.

The provided tasting notes say: look for a smoky and mildly fruity nose (agreed!), with a rich, savory taste. A touch of menthol.

Overall: this is really good! Try it if you can get your hands on it.


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